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"We curate intimate wellness retreats and magical journeys at some of Southeast Asia's stunning, sacred & healing destinations, weaving yoga, culture, music and ceremony."


The word “Sadhana” in Sanskrit refers to one’s daily spiritual practice. Cultivating a sadhana practice is the heart of our intention with each retreat, because we believe that transformation begins with the simple choices and actions we make on a daily basis.

Ignited by our vision to see and live in an Awakened World, our mission as retreat facilitators, is to share sacred space and support each participant wherever they are on their path of Awakening and Self-Discovery. Our goal for each retreat is to generate inspiration and for each participant to come away feeling rejuvenated, ready to return to their everyday life with a renewed sense of perspective about their Life & Purpose.

We curate these fun & holistic wellness experiences, weaving our offerings of Anusara-Inspired Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra Chanting, Cosmology, Yoga Philosophy, SpiritSongs Cacao Ceremony, to create life-enriching experiences, enabling one to receive greater insights about their Bodies, Minds, Spirit, and Purpose.


The Path of Self Discovery takes us on a journey to discover our own selves, to uncover our own true divine nature, and to be inspired to live life fully, joyfully, and gracefully. Our intention through these inner & outer explorations is to deepen our understanding and experience. With commitment and effort through our Sadhana, we cultivate awareness of our own relationship with ourselves, our families, our communities, and with the world around us.


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Francesca Regala

Francesca shares her love for yoga in the hopes that we all awaken and align with our heart's purpose and connect with our own Divine nature as we walk consciously on this Earth.

Francesca is a wellness consultant and offers over 20 years of practice & teaching experience, and running her own wellness center, Templa Wellness.

As Co-Founder of Sadhana Journeys, Francesca facilitates and organizes yoga retreats, workshops and journeys into the inner realms of the Self in sacred & exotic sites around the world.

Francesca continues to focus her life's work on promoting sustainable development, ecotourism, health and wellness, education, and community development.

Lee Grane 2017.jpg

Lee Grane

Lee Grane has the uncanny ability to tune in to the living breathing element of sound and share its healing resonance with others. Her voice and music evokes an ethereal quality that has the ability to transport and captivate listeners deeply into the world of sound.

Lee Grane offers 17 years of professional experience in the field of music.

Trained with the knowledge of the Yoga of Sound & healing frequencies,

sacred chants & sound meditation.

She is an explorer of higher consciousness, passionate about the 13Moon Dreamspell.

Weaving wisdom teachings of the ancients for these times.

She is a Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, Co-Founder & Creative Visionary of Roots of Wisdom.




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