"Wakefulness is the only saintliness there is, and sleepiness, unconsciousness, is the only sin there is; all other sins are born out of it. Cut the root, cut the very root! Don’t go on pruning the leaves."

- Rajneesh


We are talking about wakefulness as a state of being. A matter of being consciously aware and awake in this life. What does it mean to be awake?

Our spiritual journey begins when we sincerely ask Who Am I?

Who is the I in I Am, why are we here, and what is life’s meaning, these quintessential questions have propelled thousands of seekers since the beginning of time on the path of self discovery.

If wakefulness is a state of being conscious, being asleep is a state of unconsciousness. When we are unaware of our actions. Just walking through life completely disconnected to everything else outside of us. Unconsciousness is the root of all disconnection. When we are unconscious, we don’t see the implications of our actions and how our actions affect people around us, and also our environment. If all people are awake and conscious, no one would ever pollute the water that keep us all alive, no one would take advantage of another human being, no one would do any harm to anyone, everyone will share the earth’s blessings and bounty, everyone will live in peace.






If all people were awake, how do you envision the world to be?




Amrita Breath & MeditationLee Grane
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Long Time SunLee Grane
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May the long time sun shine upon you

All love surround you

And the pure light within you

Guide your way on


Recite this mantra with the first one dedicating the metta to yourself, the second one you can send it to a friend or anyone in need, and the third you can envision your family or community, or the planet.