DAY 21


Here we are at the final day of our 21 day journey together.

Awakening The Higher Power Within is our own coming home.

Remembering the Spirit that exists within us and all around us.

The Spirit that is alive in our breath.

I hope these practices, mantras, and reflections continue to serve you on your path.

Anchor in silence.


The whispers of Spirit can only be heard when our mind is quiet.





Closing reflection on your 21 day journey, write about your highlights, takeaways, and your insight on your experience and how this has been for you.




Cosmic Breath & Meditation with Lee GranLee Grane
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Twameva MataLee Grane
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Tvam-Eva Maataa Ca Pitaa Tvam-Eva |
Tvam-Eva Bandhush-Ca Sakhaa Tvam-Eva |
Tvam-Eva Viidyaa Dravinnam Tvam-Eva |
Tvam-Eva Sarvam Mama Deva Deva ||

त्वमेव माता च पिता त्वमेव ।
त्वमेव बन्धुश्च सखा त्वमेव ।
त्वमेव विद्या द्रविणम् त्वमेव ।
त्वमेव सर्वम् मम देव देव ॥



You Alone are my Mother And You Alone are my Father .
You Alone are my Relative And You Alone are my Friend.
You are the Divine Wisdom, the essence of everything I know, everything I am learning, and everything I do not know but seek to understand and realize. You are my Highest Wealth and the Bestower of all the best things in this life and the next. You are All in All; You are everything to me. You are the core of my being. The Heart of my heart, the Source of my Self, the Soul of my soul, the Ultimate Reality, devoid of partiality and duality, indivisible, immutable, immaculate, the Ultimate Knower, and the Absolute Perfect Incomparable Supreme Being.

- an elucidation by Jai Maha Dev on verse 28 of the Pandava Gita (source)