Welcome to our 21-Day Awakening the Higher Power Within Course!


Together we will dive deeply into the practice of contemplation wherein we will reflect on topics that can expand our understanding of the Higher Power that exists inside of us and all around us. 


We will engage in daily practices of Pranayama (breathwork), Meditation, Mantra & Contemplation.


Sadhana or daily practice is essential in our spiritual path. It allows the experience of meditation to get deeper each day. 

My intention for creating this course is to be able to share what continues to bring richness, joy and fullness in my life with hopes that it will bring the same to yours.


These practices when cultivated daily have the ability to create a stable foundation allowing greater silence to unfold within. The regularity through time, will be the anchor that can keep us grounded & centered through any changes and challenges that occur in our lives.


Each day you will receive a link to the  Journal Prompts. 

Each week we will focus on one Breathwork & Meditation, and one Mantra or Affirmation.

 ❖ ❖ ❖


Some guidelines on how to navigate this course:


  1. Set your intention for taking this course. Making a conscious intention is a powerful energy, and it will support you in benefiting greatly from this entire process.

  2. Set aside 20 minutes each day preferably in the morning.

  3. Prepare a journal where you can write your daily contemplation.

  4. Make a commitment to yourself. This course will only take  a fraction off of your time in your entire year. Make it fun by giving yourself a challenge to show up each day and see how far you can go. Remember, no pressure, no worries. This is a relaxed course and there is no right or wrong way of doing it. The most important thing is, to enjoy the process.

  5. Create a little altar where you can light your candle each day. You can write your intentions on a piece of paper and put that under a crystal or anything you’d like to put up in your sacred space. You could put one or a few items there but the most important thing is that, those items symbolize your connection to your Spirit. Lighting a candle is a daily way to ignite the Fire/Light of the Heart.