Francesca Regala 

As Co-Founder of Yoga Sadhana Journeys, Francesca teaches and organizes yoga workshops, retreats, and journeys into the inner realms of the Self in sacred and exotic sites around the world. 


As the Co-Founder of the Roots of  Wisdom, she is inspired committed and emboldened to continue to awaken the Divine Feminine in each and every one of us.


Francesca was also the Co-Founder of Templa Wellness, a community center that offered a wealth of services  that ranged from consultancy and counseling services, alternative and holistic modalities, as well as wellness retreats and eco travel adventures.


Francesca graduated from Boston University with a degree in International Relations and Development focusing on Asia and Latin America. She offers over 20 years of experience in the areas of project and event management, public relations and marketing, and as community liaison. She has traversed the corporate, government, and non-profit realms and has been exposed to the fields of financial services, hospitality and tourism, government service, non-profit organisations, and more recently the field of health and wellness.


Francesca completed her yoga teacher training at Yoga Kula in Berkeley, California. She has  been a student of yoga and Tantric philosophy for the past 20 years and has been teaching yoga as an integrative path to wellness through breath, movement, yoga philosophy, and meditation for the past 14 years.


Through the years she has been fortunate enough to study with a breadth of amazing teachers in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond such as Jim and Ruthie Bernaert, John Friend, Desiree Rumbaugh, Sianna Sherman, Noah Maze, Carlos Pomeda, Sally Kempton, Jayne Hillman, Ishwari Gonnot, Anodea Judith, Bo Srey, and Ellen Saltonstall. She is grateful for the guidance of her main teacher, friend, and mentor Katchie Ananda and all the teachers on her path.


Francesca was one of the main yoga & meditation teachers at The Farm in San Benito, the Philippines’ top medical and wellness resort for 4 years, and she is a Visiting Practitioner for the Aman Group ( where she has taught at Amansara in Cambodia, Amanpulo in the Philippines, and Amanoi in Vietnam.


She shares her love for yoga in the hopes that we all awaken and align with our heart's purpose and connect with our own divine nature as we walk consciously on this earth.  It is her wish that we live our lives fully, authentically, and gracefully. 


Francesca continues to focus her life's work on promoting sustainable development, ecotourism, health and wellness, education, and community development.

Lee Grane

Lee Grane has the uncanny ability to tune in to the living breathing element of sound and share its resonance with others. Her voice and music evokes an ethereal quality that has the ability to transport and captivate listeners deeply into the world of Sound. 


Lee Grane is a singer-songwriter originating from the Philippines. She relates to music as a way to express and connect to the Divine that exists within and all around us. Keeping true to her love and passion, she writes songs that reflect both her inner and outer discoveries. Having been in the music industry professionally for over 16 years performing on tours, concerts and festivals locally and internationally, she continues to create and use music as a platform to share her gifts & insights.

In 2016, Lee Grane has ventured into the study of Nada Yoga, the Yoga of Sound, where music is the primary sensory element that brings forth higher states of consciousness and overall well-being. She journeyed to the Himalayan Foothills of Rishikesh in Northern India, The Yoga Capital of the World, to study classical Indian Music, Bhajans, Sanskrit Mantras under the tutelage of Indian Master Teachers. She completed her 200HR training at the Nada Yoga Traditional Yoga School.

She is the Creative Visionary and Founder of Roots of Wisdom, focusing on Women's Retreats & Gatherings, which aims to support & empower women, to cultivate women leaders in communities, and ultimately, to find greater balance in this world by reconnecting to Earth-based wisdom & universal principles of compassion and values that are rooted in integrity & wholeness.


You can find more out about her music at and yoga offerings at