7 Life Lessons from Bali

There are many special places on this beautiful blue planet, but Bali, is of its own kind of supreme special. There truly is no place like it. The island and the Balinese culture is what makes this place so unique. As soon as you land, you can feel a frequency shift as if you have just entered a land from a different time. Everywhere is lush with greenery, statues of deities, and offerings everywhere. I know I am in Bali when I smell incense in the air, everywhere... So while it is still fresh in my memory, here are 7 Life Lessons that I take away from my time on the beautiful island of Bali.

  1. Live your life as if every thing you do is an act of offering. One of the most beautiful things about the Balinese culture is their act of offerings everyday. In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening. You see their offerings in the temples, in the businesses, their motorbikes, cars… everywhere. In our life when we incorporate a daily morning ritual, something as simple as lighting incense, offering prayers, giving thanks, can set the tone of the day positively. 

  2. Go with the flow. Don’t rush! Bali time is flexible and you do get there in time… I don’t know how they do it but somehow everyone on the street are just super chill, you barely hear honking and despite no traffic lights, things just flow. 

  3. The right people will be in your life. The ones who are in the same resonance as you will be in your field. Meeting people naturally just flows organically and you do meet who you are supposed to meet. Pay attention… Trust that the right people are in your life for a reason. It is up to you to uncover what gifts they have for you. 

  4. None of this is ours. As our Balinese dearest friend Nyoman says, everything is from God, and none of this is ours. All the money and everything we think we own, we can never bring with us when we pass… True wealth is not measured by how much we have, but how happy we are. When we make other people’s lives better, it makes our life richer and fills our heart with happiness that money can never satisfy. 

  5. We are all connected - Karma. What you do, one way or another will come back to you. I remember one taxi ride during my first time in Ubud, the driver didn’t have enough change so he said he will give it to me when he picks us up later on. Assuring me, he said “Don’t worry, here in Bali we believe in Karma.” That’s all he said. And sure enough, he came back to pick us up, I got my change, and I got my faith in humanity restored. 

  6. Our land is alive. Each place has a soul. And what makes Bali, most especially Ubud, very special is that you can feel the energy of the place. And because the Balinese people have a ceremony day for many things, including trees, ceremony for fire, ceremony for animals and more, the island itself is so alive. When you begin to pay attention to nature, the more She shows off her beauty. If we can just bring this act of recognizing that where we live, there is a soul of the city that is just waiting to be recognized by us, I think it can have an impact of the city’s energy, and maybe can impact the people living in it too… I am sure we can have happier city dwellers when we can cultivate respect & caring for our land.

  7. I give, I receive - Terimah Kasi ~ In Indonesian to say thank you they say terima kasih; terima means to receive and kasih to give. Yes! Such a beautiful phrase affirming cycle of abundance. The more we give, the more we receive.

Matur Suksma Mama Bali, I come home always feeling like my cup is filled and I have more to share again. 

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