Wellness at the Workplace

How do we combine being effective at work and maintaining a lifestyle that supports our health? Many people today find themselves experiencing less sleep, chronic illness, fatigue, and other health issues. Learn how you can manage your stress, get deep & restful sleep, by taking care of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Francesca offers Wellness Talks and Co Creates Wellness Programs that aim to help and support individuals and groups most especially in the workplace.


Leadership Trainings

Francesca offers Leadership/Empowerment Programs for IGO's, NGO's, and corporate entities that wish to bring wellness into their organizations and/or workplace and for those who want to cultivate more mindful and enlightened leaders as part of their working family.

Wellness Consultancy​

Francesca shares her breadth of knowledge and experience from years having own wellness center. She offers consultancy to wellness resorts, spas, and other wellness centers in different parts of the world.